help me guys . GA-B75M-D3H ver 1.1

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      help me guys . GA-B75M-D3H ver 1.1

      hi all

      I used clover for installing ( sierra 10.12.6 ) but everytime I get kernel panic . I dont know what to do !
      help me guys to boot and get to installation process

      this is the black screen of kernel panic

      motherboard ( GA-B75M-D3H ver 1.1 )
      GPU nvidia gigabyte GT 240

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      Try to install in save mode ( -x) and don´t inject your GPU in Clover.
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      MacBook Pro (13 Zoll, Mitte 2012), Intel Core i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz, 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, Intel HD Graphics 4000
      thanks admin . but still can't boot with -x and not inject my GPU
      I tried to disable Nvidia from booting in clover and I can boot and install Sierra . but my Nvidia doesn't work at all. and every time I have to login to Mac system after installation I have to disable Nvidia first from booting or I will get kernel panic and restart my computer

      what I have to do ?

      McLane schrieb:

      Hi, you have to press the spacebar in the CLOVER-Start-Menu. Then scroll down and enable the VESA-Mode.

      thanks Mclane . yes VESA mode is the only way for booting and install mac sierra but I dont know after few hours I cant boot with installed mac sierra and I tried to reinstall it once again and booting with VESA mode . but I got kernel panic again ! I even tried to install ( ML ) mac osx and getting kernel panic again . I am sure the both USB for the two system was booting well and get me always to installation page ! what happen and what is the solution ?


      McLane schrieb:

      Hm, ist very strange. Please switch your SMBIOS from MacMini to iMac 13,2 or 14,2. Its better with your CPU.

      thanks mclane for this good idea . my PC worked as IMAC 12.1 and ethernet and audio works fine BUT still my graphic card not work at all
      you know I have to boot as ( nv_disable=1 ) or I will get kernel panic . are you have any idea how to make this graphic card work with sierra ?


      Sierra and H-Sierra works not with NVIDIA-Tesla/FermiChips (GT240). The NVIDIA-Cards with KEPLER-chips are friendly für Sierra/HSierra and worked OOB.
      --> GT710, GT740, GT640, GTX660
      This cards are low-cost cards and worked fine.
      & VG

      Test-Schlauberger :kaffee2:

      GA H97-HD3, I5-4460, 16GByte RAM
      Clover 4114 10.12.6 GraKa GTX660